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Women's Renaissance Attire

All of our Renaissance costumes, gowns and dresses are custom made to order and can be designed, modified or altered in any way desired.

Brief Overview of Women's Renaissance Fashions

The Renaissance period experienced several variations of women's fashions by region and decade, as this period encompasses about 150 years. Clothing worn by lades during the Italian Renaissance is quite different than the Elizabethan woman. At the beginning of the Renaissance women's fashions were heavily influenced by the previous Gothic period with a more natural shape and cut and skirts often had a long train. Gown waistlines were dropped just below the waist and skirts were often split in the center front to showcase the underskirt or kirtle. As the period progressed, women's clothing became much more elaborate, making use of beautiful brocades, velvets and silk fabrics. In addition, fancy jewels and precious stones were often used to decorate the wealthy woman's gown. The technique of 'slashing' became popular, as it was in mens clothing of the period. Gown skirts became full and voluminous supported by farthingales.

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Burgundy Taffeta and Gold Brocade Renaissance Gown Green Taffeta and Velvet Bodice Renaissance Gown

White and Gold Brocade Renaissance Gown Brown Velvet and Cream Brocade Renaissance Gown

Burgundy Taffeta and Gold Brocade Renaissance Gown Purple Velvet & Brocade Renaissance Gown

Deep Purple and Brocade Renaissance Gown Green Velvet and Gold Satin Renaissance Gown

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